Jennifer Lawrence Talks Sex …

Jennifer Lawrence Talks Sex Scene With Chris Pratt in ‘Passengers‘: “I Got Really, Really Drunk”

By Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon

Dutch courage! Jennifer Lawrence has revealed she was so nervous about her first-ever sex scene with married actor Chris Pratt that she decided the only way she could get through it was to be really drunk! Read On…

Vatican Sex, Lies & Spies: The Plot Thickens

The Vatileaks

Sex, lies and spies: Vatileaks plot thickens

The Vatican has been widely criticised for pursuing the prosecution of two Italian journalists over leaks which they used as the basis for books depicting irregularities and extravagance in the Holy See’s spending

Seeing Emilia Clarke is a kind of Holy See

The Vatican’s controversial trial of journalists and whistleblowers was put on hold Monday as new claims about sex, lies and spies gave the scandal an intriguing twist. Read On…